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Your “AHA!” Moments

Some of the best therapy happens when there is such a union between the client and therapist that something in the unseen shifts. The discussion and dialogue is so smooth and the “Aha” moments just fall into the lap of the client!

Maybe you’ve experienced several professionals or therapists. One of the most important things in the therapeutic relationship, for change to occur effectively, is for you to feel a sense of trust and rapport with your therapist. While your therapist should understand you, and you should feel a strong connection with them, there should be a sense that this therapist has your best interest in mind. Are they still encouraging the shifts and changes in your life that you initially desired when you first sat down with them? Are they not only validating the pain in your life, but also working diligently to remind you of what it is you desire the most and how to get there?

This is the joy of the helping field: it is not a step-by-step process, protocol following, little detail laid out before you like an IKEA manual type of field. You get to discover new pieces of information together, go through massive life changes together, new plans get laid out suddenly and the goals and desires may shift a bit over time. We are working with people. We are working with differing individual cosmos hour to hour, week to week and month to month. The possibilities are endless and always will be.

There is a flexibility required in bending around the obstacles of life with your clients. We rejoice with you as you are rejoicing; we mourn with you when you are mourning. Whether you are joining the therapeutic process for professional counseling, marriage/couples therapy or clinical hypnotherapy, you deserve an attentive, careful, nourishing process that leads to the biggest “aha” moments of your life!

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