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Your problem will VANISH

Updated: 6 days ago

Have you ever sat in the quiet of the day and thought, “how on earth did it come to this?” Everyone has this thought every once in a while; even if it’s slightly subconsciously and kept quiet. Many people seek out my services because they’ve come to this point in their life. The good news? The place of therapy is the place your problem goes to vanish. Now, the vanishing act is an artful one. It takes a special kind of therapist to work quietly, patiently, artfully and suddenly to help make that problem disappear. The bad news? It may happen more quickly, or slowly, than you thought and in a way you would have never expected.

              We live in a world where everything is instant. Our food, our information & even our thoughts seem to be moving more speedily than before. Some may argue that slowing down is the answer. When you come into the therapeutic process with a problem, it is almost certainly the most predominant focus of your thoughts. You may not be able to think of anything else. However, with a little flexibility, a little time and a little crafting of healthy distraction, you can find a mental clearing where some sorting and processing can be done. Sometimes, this is done with the use of hypnotic conversation and sometimes it is achieved in moments of silence. Sometimes it is accomplished by hearing things you don’t desire to hear, but most of the time, its hearing things you’ve been waiting and aching to hear for years.

              This is the disappearing act. If it happens too quickly, and you’ve been holding on to it, placing valuable parts of your life upon it and it leaves too suddenly, it will be a disaster for you! No excellent therapist should let this happen to you. In fact, a powerful therapist will help you move those overly familiar parts of your life to new, safe locations before performing the vanishing act together with you. The helpful therapist will help co-create a calm within the storm so that everything can change. Sometimes it changes during the appointment, sometimes it changes after several appointments, sometimes it changes at home and sometimes it changes after the therapeutic process has come to an end. The great news? The problem vanishes. If your therapist is amazing, you’ll have the subconscious skill set to make the next problems disappear on your own!

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