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The "Secret" about Counseling.....

Updated: Jul 8

If you have a quality counselor, you will find that being in the therapeutic process is a bit like looking in a magical mirror. You see, the beginning of this connection is often like the beginning of a new relationship. That is because it is a new relationship: a professional and therapeutic bond. There are all the beginning moments of unbelievable relief. You are sharing your story with someone who feels like they're finally listening and understanding you. You have hope, relief and the beginnings of change in your life. As the relationship grows a bit more, you may began to notice some things. Maybe you notice somethings that you hadn’t thought about or felt in what feels like ages. You start getting some insight into some changes you would like to make. You start having a realization process that may require deeper reflection that occurs in all the many hours you have when you are not with your therapist.    

Counseling has some secrets. Secrets that you share with your therapist and secrets you end up learning about yourself. Some of the most powerful work can happen with your counselor. This work can be comforting, relieving, surprising, and, yes, sometimes painful.

Maybe you've been thinking about going to see a counselor. It's been on your mind for a while. Maybe it's been months now that you've been scrolling and searching for a counselor or therapist. You've looked at their directories, their websites, their certifications and training, but you haven't booked an appointment yet. Now, you're here reading this blog post. This may be the sign you've been waiting for to make that call, take that leap and seek out the support you know you truly need. The good news? Relief is waiting for You.

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