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"The Pain is too much..."

When people are in deep emotional & psychological pain, they need relief Yesterday. Sometimes, the pain of your life's change can be so stunting that you don't even feel you have the strength to reach out for support. It's during these times that having that last grain of strength to reach out comes through for you: because you know it's the healthiest choice. You know, deep down, it's your only choice; and there is absolutely Nothing wrong with making that wise move.

It's an honor and privilege to work with people from all corners of life. I am blessed to be with people who are at all different phases of their experience and have a multitude of different challenges & goals. Regardless of how intense their pain has become, they are always ready for real change. It is that readiness, and that belief that change is possible, that causes them to propel forward into the sweet, and welcomed, stages of change. The good news? There is always relief; even during the first meeting!

Whether it's a broken relationship, a skewed sense of self, a change in belief or building back after life's unexpected events, professional counseling and clinical hypnotherapy have been massively life changing. I have seen families restored, couples falling in love again, intimacy issues resolved, and self-esteem returned. I've seen creative blocks lifted, unwanted habits dissolved, spiritual faith regained as well as anxiety and depression disappear!

People need support. People need the creative, and personally tailored help of professional counseling and clinical hypnotherapy. There is nothing wrong with receiving help. We all need it at some point in life, sometimes multiple times. How beautiful it is to know that placing the call, showing up with your mind and heart open just a bit, and knowing You ARE worth it will be the greatest change of your life!

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