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Hypnosis feels like….

People often ask me what hypnosis feels like. Aren’t we all like this? When we were children, and something new or unexpected was coming, didn’t we always ask that same question? The reason we still ask that question today is because we value ourselves, we are familiar with the comfortable and we don’t like sitting in the discomfort of the unknown.

              Part of my job is to reassure people that hypnosis is such an incredibly familiar feeling, that they will feel like it’s something they’ve already done before. Truth be told; they have. Hypnosis is something we go through every single day of our lives. In fact, if you want to know the bare minimum of how many times you’ve passed through hypnosis, find out the number of days you’ve lived so far and multiply that by two. We go through hypnosis at least twice every day: 15-30 minutes prior to falling asleep, and 15-30 minutes upon waking up. There are clearly other times we experience a wakeful trance such as the highway trance, leaving the movie theater in the afternoon or having tons of fun with a friend and seeing that the 4 hour evening passed by in what felt like 60 minutes.

              Back to the original question. What does hypnosis feel like? Well, it feels amazing! It feels different for everyone. One of the most common reports, is that it feels like you’ve awakened from one of the most restful naps you’ve ever had. Many people report that, the night after their first appointment was the best night of sleep they’ve had in years. Some people state they feel calm & relaxed, while other people report that they feel empowered and energized. Some people become hopeful & excited, while other people might become tearful as they let go of some stagnant emotions. The phrase that always gives me a smile is when people say, “Aww! Do we have to be done now?”

              As with most things in this life, you will never know until you try. For many people, they wish they would have tried clinical hypnotherapy years ago. Experiencing the dual support of professional counseling combined with hypnosis is life altering for my clients. It’s something you can’t afford to wait on any longer. You’ll look back and say, “I am SO glad I know what hypnosis feels like!”

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