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Decrease Anxiety, Change Behaviors, Minimize Pain, and Navigate Spiritual Changes
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 I help people eliminate anxieties & behaviors to become the best versions of themselves!


Sound Mind Counseling is a life changing practice providing professional counseling & hypnotherapy in the city of Clarkston,  and the entire state of Michigan. We work to develop personally effective solutions to help you through life's challenges.  Effective therapy should lead to relief & results! Now, It's time for the change you are wanting the most. 

Relief & Results

Foggy Lake

 " Randall has a compassionate appreciation to his practice. He did not jump right into the hypnotherapy, but spent the first half of our session getting to know what my goals were in our work together and also took the time to understand my beliefs and personal history. 
The hypnotherapy session was very professional and Randall led me throught the meditation which he recorded and I've been able to use again at home to help resolve some inner healing. I highly recommend his expertise. He is very knowledgeable and empathetic. "

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""Randall did very professional job. I needed help for writer's block and artist's block. Sometimes, I knew exactly what to say and what to draw, but many days, my brain was totally blank. Now, every morning, new ideas pop in my mind and I immediately write them down before I still can remember."

"Randall is a kind, compassionate man, and every session, I always leave feeling my progress. If you're on the fence, or afraid you'll feel misunderstood, just give him a chance. I 100% do not regret it. I'm thankful to have found such a great fit."

"Randall did an amazing job working with me!! He was very calming and reassuring and did a fantastic job addressing with the issue at hand. I would definitely recommend working with him!!!" 

Foggy Lake
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Randall Kaszynski, MA, LPC, CCHt

Randall is Owner, Hypnotherapist & Licensed Professional Counselor at Sound Mind Counseling.  He received his bachelor of arts in music therapy at Michigan State University, his masters of arts in counseling from Spring Arbor University and diploma in hypnotherapy from Hypnosis Motivation Institute, first Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy. Randall helps people eliminate anxieties and behaviors to become the best versions of themselves! He has a passion for helping people come into their solutions and experience a greater quality of life. 

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Early Morning sessions Available - Evening sessions Available

Hypnotherapy Services

Creating Change together

Are you tired of getting a terrible night sleep? Are you over the struggle of weight loss? Have you tried to stop smoking many times and feel you failed? Are you in physical or emotional pain that feels like it may never go away?
 It is time to take control of your life again; for good! Using the powerful influence of hypnotherapy, with your untapped potential, we can work together to bring welcomed change into your life. Hypnotherapy cuts right to the chase as a more solution-focused therapy to quickly bring about the changes you so desperately desire in your life. We will work together to personally tailor a treatment plan that Works for you. It's time for this new change in your life, Now!


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REDUCING Conflict & INCREASING Communication

Do you want a stronger relationship with deeper love and increased intimacy?


Coming together for couple’s counseling can be a powerful journey towards a healthy and happy relationship. It’s helpful to have two people who are willing to actively work on their relationship, but sometimes, it can take just one person with a will and desire to move forward together. During couples counseling/marriage counseling, we will determine the wants, desires and needs of both individuals and develop a plan to move forward towards relational health. Exploring together, with an un-biased professional, can lead to discovery of a plan for success. 

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MINIMIZING Challenges & MAXIMIZING Solutions

Is it time to gain more control of your life? Is it time to manage the anxiety? Is it time to experience the life you're really wanting Now?


People come for individual counseling for many reasons. In the personally- tailored individual sessions, we evaluate the primary issues bringing you for counseling, and develop a plan to bring you into the experience of your solutions. 

Areas of specialty:

Anxiety Reduction

Belief changes

Chronic Illness

Chronic Pain

Coping Skills

Depression Reduction

Grief & Bereavement

Men's Issues

Self Esteem

Spirituality & Faith

Stress Reduction

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Are you tired of the confusion in your life? Are you desiring more insight into your experience? Do you need some understanding into the pain that keeps showing up in your life?


 This experience is for clients who truly desire to go more deeply into discovery; to explore their inner world through the power of relaxation, imagery and processing. Many clients have found this to be a personally meaningful experience providing new and hidden insights into their lives and providing the Answers they had not seen before. 



Tuesday:      8:00AM-8:00PM
Wednesday: 8:00AM-8:00PM
Thursday:    8:00AM-8:00PM
Friday:          8:00AM-8:00PM

"“Until you are willing to be confused about what you already know, what you know will never grow bigger, better, or more useful.”

Milton H. Erickson